Sunday, April 11, 2010

Inspiring Ezine - Lonny Mag

I've recently discovered this ezine phenomenon, and it's comes at a perfect time as I find home decor magazines to be rather lack luster of late. None have ever come close to be dear, dear Domino. But, there's an online option at and it's pretty cool. There are only 3 issues in their new archive but they are lengthy (over 200 pages). It's takes some time to peruse everything but the brilliant part is that with just a click, you are able to go straight to the site that sells any item in a picture.

Here are a few of my favorite bedrooms. It seems that a soft bed filled with white tucks and folds is what makes my dreams most sweet at night.

But for me, color is always around the corner!

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  1. Kristy, this is my first time here on your site, I just stumbled upon this searching for inspiring ezine term and landed on this post of yours. Your blog is really an inspirational one.

    Inspiring Ezine


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