Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Longing for Summer

Up here in cold man's land, summer continues to feel far, far away. We're still waiting for spring to make an extended stop and our precious flowers are struggling to get their little buds open; most of mine have simply given up I think. Spring is unfortunately not as dreamy and pretty in my little town as it is in most others, but I think I'm okay with it because Autumn makes up for it in beautiful ways. And perhaps it's just around the corner and I'll get my spring fix after all, just a bit later than some.

So now I'm longing for all that belongs to summer. I'm a girl who likes summer sandals but with a sexy cardi (can't resist the opportunity to say it as my sister and get a hoot out of that googley eyed lady from "Notting Hill" who owns the phrase :), enjoying a colorful sunset with a Margarita in hand. Nothing sweaty or uncomfortable though; no deep tans or tank tops needed. I suppose that makes me a not-so-beachy kind of girl which is a little sad.

But today, despite all of that, I'm dreaming of the beach. Really long walks and even a sandy bikini (whatever it takes!), salty water and wide brimmed hats. Maybe even the futilely beautiful J Crew swimmery cover up to top it off. I spent quite a lot of time at the beach as a child, taking cross country road trips with my little family all the way to Durban or Cape Town, almost every year. Lionel Richie's cassette blared at us as we yelled back that yes, indeed, we'd love to join him for a jig or two on the ceiling (side note - I even remember laying on the floor while the song played again, staring up at the ceiling as I pictured myself with my friends and sisters, neon leggings and T shirts, high ponytails in a scrunchie. We would be dancing together like it was perfectly normal and I even watched as we walked up the walls to our dance party. I'm sure we were also chewing gum). We also loved to sing to the Beach Boys, who really got us excited about our great beachy adventures. We were very comfortable with the ocean as children, of going deep into the water and getting plowed under sometimes. Of all the creepy crawlys that touched our feet. We were pros at finding the interesting shells and spotting a blue bottle before it stung us. And very good at getting such a burn that we blistered and peeled for days after. It's been a long, long time since then and I'm not too sure if my kids will have such sweet opportunities, at least not those that create a certain amount of comfort with the sea. They may become more familiar with Cinderella's Castle, which is funny because it was an unattainable longing as a child...Disney World...oceans away from our little lives.

Today I'm dreaming of the beach, of being there again. Of making more memories, similar ones, but with my new family and as the mommy this time.

A few fancy photos at the beach via chasingbeautyblog.

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