Thursday, April 29, 2010

I've Already Had Dinner...

..and this is my dessert, a toasted plain bagel lathered in Nutella. I needed a pick me up tonight, and along with a good cup of coffee, it's helping... a little.

I've just had a miserable week; a truly yucky one. It's been a number of unrelated events that have just made for a bunch of head aches, lots of tired yawns, and even a few tears. And today I made the awful mistake of deciding to forego my makeup, a very bad idea because as it turned out, I found myself in front a gigantic mirror in a Core class at the Y and staring back at me was a face I did not recognize (okay, so maybe I'm being slightly dramatic) with dark circled eyes and kinda greasy hair, the very same hair I washed this morning. My lack of effort made everything all the more awful. But you see, yesterday I made an effort. I took a cue from J Crew's catalog and I found an old pair of khakis, and I rarely wear khakis... rarely. So I tried that whole tuck and fold to make them "boyfriend khakis" (yeah right) and then I paired them with textures and patterns on top that were slightly mismatched yet super cool together. I saw Jenna, J Crew's top lady, on Oprah and she wore silver sequined harem style pants with a loose navy and white striped top and it was awesome! Anyway, my own attempt at creative styling fell horribly short but it was nevertheless an attempt, and to cut a way too long story short, I never got to leave the house that day because I couldn't find the car keys. I'm sure my kids appreciated the look though.

But you know what? The worst part is that it's all stupid stuff that went down this week. Nothing life altering or more important than the next person's difficult week. In fact, I did not have to shoot down robbers from my balcony (true story!) or watch my daughter carried away into surgery. I have 3 healthy kids at home and that's pretty great. I have no reason to complain.

But my guy's leaving town for several days, and that really, really stinks.

So I'm going to a women's conference at my church this weekend, and usually I would stay well clear of those. But this time it says it's going to kick my butt (it really says that!) and for that simple reason I'm going to go.
1. Because if it's a butt kickin' women's event then there will surely be no break out sessions or awkward (for me), tearful speakers.
2. I think I need my butt kicked a little (or a lot; whatever you think God).

So to end things on a lighter note, I want to invite you, the readers, to share a little with me. I'd love to know what your love lists or wish lists are and I'd also love to feature them here and share them with everyone else. I not only want to hear from my dear family and friends, but also from the lovely readers that I have never met and know nothing about. So.... send me your love list (i.e. jogging in the rain or sleeping in a soft, fluffy bed) or your wish list (i.e. silhouette portraits of my kids from etsy or a fancy new perfume). You can include pictures with your items or I can find some, it's up to you. Send them my way everyone and I'll feature a new list every week (if I have enough to do so!). I can't wait to read them!

Hope you have a really lovely weekend.

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