Sunday, May 2, 2010

May is Here!

Ah, the lovely month of May. Summer around the corner... bringing with it fruit salads, boat rides, parties, gardens filled with flowers, lanterns hanging from trees, dresses everyday. And all sorts of exciting events such as a birthday, a dance performance, Mother's Day, and the very happy list goes on and on. So I've collected a few May inspired pictures for you to enjoy.

Dancing around the maypole. I'll get a few giggles out of this one cause it's something I did (and very well, I might add... there is a certain technique involved) every other night in a dance production I toured with in the 90's. One day I'll have to do a post about it. :)
If your little girl has a May birthday party just around the corner, you can learn how to make a maypole at

A pretty collection of tulips at home, which lead me to these...

What a beautiful place! I'd love to walk through this field of flowers.

Hand made fabric tulips that last forever.

All via


So in a just a few short weeks, the 50 little ladies that study dance with me will be showcasing their amazing talent for friends and family at a Dessert Theater performance. I try to put on an event that is a little more "special" than just a simple recital and I guess I'm lucky enough to be able to do this because I have a smaller group of students and a perfect facility to perform in. I've worked really hard to create dances, write poems, put together videos and slide shows, all for our audience and the sweet kids that have worked so hard over this year. The audience will be seated at tables filled with fancy gourmet desserts as they watch the dancers perform. Here are some items that I've begun to collect for the tables.

The programs will be decorated with this cute little bird paper.

Lavender plates, mod floral black and white napkins, and pretty ribbons which will be incorporated into the centerpiece, something I'm still fiddling with in my mind.

More pictures to come as everything falls into place!

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