Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Little Bit of a Room Makeover

My dear fireplace room has been drabbing it up now for quite some time. The rug is always changing and never ideal and the abundance of knick knacks on my shelves are also constantly changing (I move things around in my home all the time, always finding a new way to display something I love or simply out of boredom with a current arrangement). The cozy corner behind the couches that has the potential to be a really neat little space has never quite been as rockstar as I've hoped, though a number of guitars have been in and out of the spot in a desperate attempt at it.

So right now I'm thinking turquoise and yellow are the perfect colors to spice up the room and they even happen to have a bit of a place there already, which makes me think it's destiny. I'm just going to let loose and go with it, adding a bit more drama with pops of those colors in more places. I always tend to be a little scared of overdoing anything, though you might think the opposite of me, but I prefer to stay away from color order and being too matchy matchy. I've found so many gorgeous rooms with yellow-ish and blue-ish accents to urge me along that I'm going to have to give it a subtle try.

Here are my inspirations...

And so I had to see what I could find in the blue and yellow department at Anthropologie. They did not disappoint.

And now for a little look around my home, to demonstrate what I'm talking about. Though I wanted to quickly start off by showing you the cute little key holder I found on sale at Hobby Lobby for a really sweet price. I'm hoping this will completely solve my key problems or cure me, whichever way you'd like to look at it.

My favorite room in the house, the fireplace room. It has the best view and the warmest place to nestle in the winter. Just needed some TLC in the decor department.

Pillows I already owned, buried deep in basement storage. If I just take the time to scrounge around down there, I inevitably find forgotten treasures to display once again. It's a little like my own Goodwill, right at home.

I found this cute pillow at Target, an online purchase returned to the store. $45 online and only $11 when I found it. Kinda cool, though I can't imagine why it was that much to begin with! Perhaps it's made from a rare silk spun by the iridescent Indonesian silk worm. Sounds logical enough...

Bits of yellow here and there.

I retrieved a much loved cream, pretend leather, swivel chair from the basement, a Goodwill steal a while back. I added it to the nook that had become a home for wicker baskets filled with toys. Those are hidden under the table instead. Why were they not there before? Much better now. I actually want to sit there and enjoy the space, definitely with a good book.

You might remember my obsession with door knobs, both big and small. My latest finds were just $2 and $2.50. I was beyond excited about these! They match the blue glass I have on one of the shelves and pull together all the bits of blue, the only other being a turquoise stretched canvas print on the wall (from Urban Outfitters). I think I may also paint a little wooden (garage sale) chair I have sitting in there, perhaps a Tiffany blue, and then I'll need to reupholster the seat with a retro yellow patterned fabric. We'll see... I actually have way too many projects at the moment and should keep focused on the task at hand - centerpieces!

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