Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5 Wonderful Things About This Week

1. I had the opportunity of attending the overnight "Cutting of the Tooth" ceremony, something I have now been an honored guest at on 3 separate occasions. Many tooth pictures to follow in time, as said tooth makes its snail's pace way out.
2. The husbe put together an incredible video of the tiny dancers for the production on Saturday, and I'm so thankful and proud of his many talents (which also include gardening, party planning, running sound and lights, rock star-ing, and party bartender)!
3. In addition to a dance show, I'm hosting a back yard schmancy dinner on the very same day, for friends and family. Yay and ugh!
4. My little sister arrives on Friday with Mr. B and that's pretty fantastic!
5. I saw the preview for next week's Glee and it's a GaGa episode - awesome!

As usual, I have found the inspiration for my outdoor party decor. These lovely hanging vases were a part of the decor at the outdoor wedding of Amy at
Parasols are always pretty when hung from the trees. I may go with paper lanterns instead though, as I have plenty of those.

The programs are ready with their cute little birds, perched atop the poems I wrote to introduce each dance number.

A made a trip to Goodwill over the weekend and found these delightful strawberry canisters.

I also found this fancy cheese board, glass vases for those hanging flowers I'm hoping to try this weekend, a cool little case to hold my jewelry, a few candlesticks for dinner party tables, and 4 pretty plates with various floral prints (one is even fine bone china).

My Goodwill purchases totaled $35. Not too bad at all! This included 2 nets to catch bugs and a pack of peanut M & M's.

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