Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lovelies at Home

I'll start with last Sunday's outfit. A dress that I received as a present, purchased from Kohls. It's a part of the Lauren Conrad collection there, which happens to be really lovely and completely LC-ish. I appreciate the fact that her little line definitely represents her style quite well. There were several pieces that I thought were really great. And you can usually find a good deal at Kohls with all of those constant sales! I must say that I felt a little "out of body" in that outfit on Sunday, with that hair. The bangs, the blonde, the white and purple dress. A little more stand out than I'm used to doing, but it was fun.

I'm also including a few more pictures of my birthday presents from that happy day last week.

{via Monty}

The big boys dueling it out on Lego Batman. This is a gorgeous table cloth I was given from Anthropologie. I'm enjoying finding it's many uses!

A wonderful little book by Christian Dior. Cute illustrations included! Sweet earrings with soft fabric flowers and tiny beads and a tiny timepiece suspended between several strands of chains.

Our fairy garden grows!

I unearthed my favorite childhood book, "The Magic Faraway Tree", from my mother's basement.

Can't wait to read it to Parker, who I think is already at the age where he'd love it. Monty struggles to sit still even for "The Giving Tree", so I think this one will be a little much for him at the moment.

Our next love list has arrived and I'll post it in a few more days! In the meantime, have a lovely, lovely day!

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  1. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I see the pages of that beloved book. I hope we are able to keep it through a couple of generations. Remember when we would travel in the car to dancing or school and one of you girls would bring up a problem you were having and we'd imagine what land would be above the cloud high up in the magic tree. If you could get to that land it would have all you needed to solve the problem. We had so much fun adding all the intricate details to that land and before we knew it, the problem was solved.


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