Sunday, May 9, 2010

A New Love List!

This love list comes from Raschika, my best friend who lives in South Africa.

1. I love a cinema here called Cinema Nouveau, where you go to see all the art house movies. The cines are a lot smaller and sometimes you can hear the film reel turning in the box behind you. It makes the experience of going to movies so much more special!
2. I love the feeling of anticipation when you are seated in the plane on your way overseas. You just know you're never going to be the same again!
3. I love the sticky feeling on my skin when I get to Durban. The smell of the salt in the air and the sound of the sea when I wake up in the morning! This might be why I want to live in Ballito.
4. I love coffee in a take away cup and tea in a porcelain tea cup, served from a porcelain pot. The way my mom taught me!
5. I love the smell of a clean house with the scents of wood polish, the clean bleach, the fresh laundry...
6. I love the feeling of heartache I experience when I see South Africans doing well. It's a mix of sadness of remembering where we have come from and pride in knowing how much we have overcome!
7. I love it when I finish reading the last page of a good book! I always feel enriched, like I've learnt something, traveled somewhere or experienced something. That's why I will never stop buying books.
8. I love the way my little guy makes my dad laugh from of his stomach, something he hasn't done in a very long time. He can't help himself!
9. I love how the sound of African drums make me want to dance. When it feels like that same rhythm is beating in my chest and my body can't stop itself.
10. I love a warm shower in the morning. It's a highlight in my day! It's something I thank God for every single day I stand under that running water. So many people will never experience that.
11. I love the way my senses react when the wind blows over my skin. I find it fascinating that something I can't see, makes my body react in so many ways depending on the kind of wind that's blowing.
12. I love receiving the blog first thing in the morning. It often makes me late for work cause I'm too curious to wait to read it later. It feels like I talk to you everyday.

Wow... thank you for sharing pieces of your soul, Chika! It was beautiful. I especially love and understand exactly what you mean with #2. And I think our children bring out the best in our parents. And I also think your description of the wind on your skin sounds quite similar to God's spirit, when it touches us. Unseen yet completely capable of creating those same goose bumps.

I hope you all enjoyed our second love list. Take a moment to write your own list for me, if you have any spare time this week, that is. :)

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