Saturday, June 26, 2010

How High Can You Go?

I'm kind of in love with these wedges by Jeffrey Campbell from Modcloth. They're modeled here by Carolina Engman, a Scandinavian fashion blogger whose blog fashionsquad, is a photo journal of her many impeccably styled outfits, and always has me engrossed and fascinated. Takes me to a very different world. I've always loved it when a person (on the street, at the mall, etc.) tries to make a statement with what they're wearing. Even if I wouldn't wear it, I still appreciate their sense of style. Honestly ... even the kid walking by with his jeans hanging low and the chains slung around his neck. I dig it! He made an effort. (giggle). I don't often see much out of the ordinary when it comes to clothing around here, but every once in a while I'll get to do a double take, impressed and inspired. In fact, that just happened tonight at dinner...

Now these are another Jeffrey Campbell pair (he rarely disappoints!) from Modcloth and they're almost a replica of a pair I bought 11 years ago, and unfortunately, just recently boxed up for Goodwill. I worked at Arden B back then and loved to wear them to work. Boy, was I cool!

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