Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sweet Things

Last night's dessert was splendid. Have I mentioned how much I love cupcakes? And you know what, I don't think I've even made a dent in the cupcake kitchens of the world. I read about little bakeries that make nothing but! And how they have long lines that are completely worth the wait, every time. But last night's red velvet wonder was delicious and the chef is outstanding at everything she makes. I knew it would be good...

There are 2 things that are all over the blogs right now. Macaroons and Swedish clogs. Quite the mix. Now every picture I see of these French macaroons makes my mouth instantly water and I can't wait for my turn to try them. It seems that Laduree is the place to shop for such delicacies and that Parisian tea salons are the setting for such loveliness.

Don't they look delicious? What the angels might eat, I think.

And in complimentary shades, Swedish Hasbeens. Pretty lovely.

{via weheartit and shopstyle}

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