Friday, June 11, 2010

A Lovely Popsicle Picnic

I saw these pictures at Design Sponge and just had to share them. They are of a really fantastic picnic, full of great ideas for a relaxing and yummy afternoon with family and friends at the park. There were actually a few little things that I had planned on having at Monty's birthday party, and I thought it was cool to see a few ideas come to life before I gave them a try. The sad part is that I am not a great photographer and won't be able to catch all the beauty as it unfolds as they did here, but I hope to get a few nice ones to share and have for our scrapbooks. I just think it's so cool when I see a party, shower or simply a get-together that is so thought through and gorgeously executed. That's what makes exploring the wonderful world of blogs so much fun! Many of these share so much creativity and inspiration with others and literally show me things I've not seen before; the minds most beautiful ideas coming to fruition. It encourages me to continue to overflow with imaginings of my own. Beautiful things spurring on more beautiful things.

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