Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Vacation Wardrobe!

The huz and I, plus one chubby 8 month old, will be taking a little vacation to Tulsa next week. This is what I want to pack for the hot and humid 90's; clothing to keep me cute next to the pool and cool when out to lunch. It seems I'm in the mood for lots of relaxed fits in soft, muted colors. This is my dreamy wishlist (my true vacation wardrobe awaits sorting and folding) and it's all straight from Piperlime (.com), which happens to be offering all poolside pieces for 30% off today (with free shipping always). And all these items count, if you're in the mood to shop for a pair of sandals or a tank top this evening!

The cutest one piece ever, with a perfect tie to cinch in the waist.

A fun and comfy cover up.

For a date night perhaps. Still relaxed but glammed up by the one shoulder.

Long, loose (but still flattering) tanks in 3 different colors!

A pretty floral blouse in softer shades.

The trendy (though not unusual, as it is each summer) nautical navy and white stripe T. I'm a fan!

Have to make sure sequins have a tiny spot somewhere too!

The only jewel tone here but I think it looks like a comfy camisole (not to mention the lovely ruffles) and could be casualed (work with me here...) with the denim shorts for shopping. Yes?

I really want a pair of slouchy rolled up denim at the perfect length. I keep spotting them and have a fave at the Gap (thought they're 60 stinking dollars). I even tried making my own at home. They're pretty decent.

A pair of bright coral shoes to go with the lighter tops.

These are just rad, rad, rad!

And for evening, dinner, or simply a need for some height.

A soft leather studded bag to give every outfit an edge, cause after all, I have to maintain my "confident, mother of 3 boys, not as soft as you think" image. These clothes are so super feminine so it's my attempt to spice it up.

Would you take any of this on your vacation?

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