Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tiny Toys From the Queen's Country

The kids received some cute little presents from their grand parents today. As you can imagine, the gifts were opened with delighted faces and then utmost concentration as each was examined.

Their Papi painstakingly picked out these really cool "Critters" for each grandchild. They each have their own name and story. The tall one is called Oahaca and he belongs to a wild and unruly group and so was put on a leash! He can be put in motion by pulling his string. And then the crawler is Awika and when he's put in motion, he glows and literally sparks, like a 4th of July sparkler! Amazing.

And then they received a couple of figures of the Queen's guards and an explanation of what it is that they do in front of the palace. And of course, how "seriously" they take their jobs.

Some proper clothes for little gentlemen. Each with the Queen's crown of approval.

Cookies from Harrods, an astonishingly grand department store. One of the places I remember quite vividly from my one and only trip to London. Even the wrapping paper was very proper!

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