Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Signet Bracelets

My most cherished heirloom jewels are those pieces that are engraved. I also have several lovelies from my childhood that have my name in a delicate cursive on a tiny plaque. My mom and grandparents spoiled their little girls with gold signet rings and bracelets, brooches and necklaces, at an early age. I have a few left, though some were lost.

I wanted to continue with this tradition in some way with my boys. And knowing that jewelry is not exactly appropriate for little dudes, I decided to do just one piece, on each boy's 1st birthday - something to hold on to forever (though I suppose it may be me that does the holding). Parker wore his signet bracelet every day for about a month after he turned 1 and then I decided to put it in his shadow box and let him wear it on Sundays instead, as it was bound to break at any second. Now Monty was even more rambunctious, so he wore his less, until now that is (yes, it still fits! He has an obsession with watches and so this bracelet intrigues him). And Elliot will get his in a few months but I have it already because they were 20% off this month.

Parker's bracelet - James Avery (around $30-$35 with engraving)
Monty and Elliot's bracelets - Sticky Jewelry (stickyj.com) Only $15 with about $5 for engraving!
All sterling silver and about 6 inches. Sticky Jewelry has a wonderful selection of options for kids, if you're ever in the market. Very lovely!

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