Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chubby Thighs

Let's just say, I've had one of those days. Lucky, as my niece would say (translated is, ironically, yucky). But I've had lots of "I wuv you"/'s to get me through it and tons of tight leechy hugs (which have left me with some mad body aches). There are a few precious things that make me smile on a day like today.

Chubby thighs - they make me very, very happy (as long as they're not my own).

A little boy trying to impress his mom with a tendu.

The little things, that keep them occupied while giving mommy a moment to day dream.

Big muscly show off squawks .

Sweet, soft, tiny feet.

These kids are my world and despite the "luckies", it's here that I want to be. (Paris? ... maybe later).

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