Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Wednesday Full of Wishes

If I had one last summer's wish, I'd want to end this humid yet happy holiday with these dear, dear shoes on my feet.

Though these would certainly do too!

Well that's a bit of an exaggeration, as there are actually a few other things I still wish for.

1. To take my family on a little vacation, nothing fancy; something for the kids. Milwaukee perhaps? A little zoo hopping, museums, good food, maybe a tiny stop by Anthropologie (while kid's nap, of course).
2. To acquire something divine from my parent's trip to South Africa to visit my grand parents. I don't quite know where to begin with that wish list as it's too extensive for my pocket money to keep up with. But it might include ...
a. A Miss Money Penny dress.
b. Woolworths rusks and pudding.
c. Soda pop can cars for my boys. (sorry SA - I realize I'm saying this as "American" as I possibly can!)
{d. Shoes, glorious shoes.}

I hear that school starts at the beginning of August in Tulsa. Yikes! We still have until the start of September to enjoy our boat rides and swimming pools. But I can't say that September doesn't seem pretty good as it will begin a whole new day for me, one that sends not 1 but 2 big and very important boys off to "school" and leaves me at home with just my little E. E and I will spend much of our time sipping cappuccinos at story times. Sounds delightful and very fancy of us.

Need Supply is once again busting it's rocker chic seams with shoes, accessories and clothing that I adore. And they sell a very lovely version of my shoes!

Oh, but they also have these ...

And these. Though I honestly wouldn't have an occasion to wear them. Just think they're pretty stinking splendid.

And an assortment of great little dresses that would be great with those tights I mentioned a little while ago, and maybe those booties above, and a sexy cardi.

I love a sheer dress over jeans and this one has such a pretty print and color.

Such cool cut outs on this bag.

A stunning yet kinda tough quartz ring.

Quite lovely, I think.

{top via Cherry Blossom Girl and others Need Supply}

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  1. Those floral oxfords look really cute!
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