Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Redecorate My House!

My sister Daena is 8 months pregnant with # 3 and as a reward for enduring such discomfort, she will (by baby's arrival) have all of the upstairs bedrooms in her home redecorated, and she doesn't have to lift a finger! My mom got things off to an amazing start over the weekend and began the "redecorate my house" month with the master bedroom. She kept it all a complete surprise until the big reveal. And it looks unbelievable!

The white duvet is from Target, as well as the grey and yellow pillows, the organic brand grey sheets, the curtains, and the wall decal. The bird pillow is from World Market and the slipcover is from Pier 1. The little odds and ends are from Hobby Lobby.

I wish that I had a before picture for you to see, but it was basically complete white with lots of blah. And as many tend to do, it was simply the last room in the house to get some TLC since not many visited it. But now they have a gorgeous place to relax and hang with the fam. My mom is so good with the little details and managed to put together a space that feels very "Anthropolgie", without being too feminine. Any creativity that I have has definitely come from my mom. Long before I enjoyed writing, she was an English teacher. Long before I loved fashion, she was MAKING her own amazing clothes. Long before I was dancing, she was a very talented ballerina. I actually studied with the same ballet instructor, one who was well into her 60's when I shivered under her piercing gaze. Ms. Nell used to tell me that I didn't have my mom's feet (I'm missing the lovely arch) but I think she liked me all the same (though I didn't really realize this until years later when I went back to visit her). Ballet in SA was a tricky business; so different to over here. It demanded some deep heart and soul from us and accepted nothing less. But thank goodness for it! So much of my life has been directly affected by my dancing alone. And thank goodness for a mom with oodles of inspiration!

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