Friday, July 30, 2010

Inspired By Jewel Tones

I just love the beautifully bright and bold colors found in this home (seen at Design Sponge). Lisa is an illustrator and designer and her home is decorated with fantastic colors and plenty of gorgeous wallpapers. The art, my favorite part, is Lisa's own and from a series called "Where is Alice?". Perfect, isn't it? It's all a wonderful mix of whimsy and modern.

You may remember this wallpaper which is also in her son's nursery (one I featured a few days ago).

Also loving this space found at Free People.

I remember my best friend and I painting logs to look just like this when we were kids. I think we found some that were similar being sold at a market and wanted to do it ourselves. They were really cool too!

A taste of Free People's Fall catalog.

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