Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Smashing Success!

I mentioned earlier that I made a stop by a garage sale on Saturday, and boy oh boy, I'm thrilled I did because it was a treasure trove. We were just lucky enough to happen across the rainbow's end and it was a glorious sight! This gentleman was selling his great aunt's antiques and had emptied out much of her attic, he said, and there it was. Either he was in a hurry to move it or he didn't care much about the price because my purchases totaled $20 and I found them to be so fancy, well worth $50 or more! He had the most wonderful old sewing machines with their tables. One was black with that painted flowery print. And a really cool old wooden potty chair. And more lovely lamps. Oh, so much! I knew I had some special spots where I'd display my new finds (though these spots are always rotating their wares). Here's what I took home with me.

This chair is in perfect condition. And I have a weakness for velvet chairs!

This is an oil on canvas, popped into this awesome frame. And it's huge! A little fugly but I just love it.

This lamp was the first thing I went to. It's unbelievable.

And I picked up these squeaker shoes at Sweetpeas for $8. Monty loves them, of course. He ran laps around the house enjoying the noise they made and I find them pretty adorable (as opposed to annoying - I understand why you might worry though). Doesn't hurt to know where he is at all times.


This morning we went swimming. It was a perfect morning. Parker and Monty have started swim classes and therefore feel so much more confident in the water. Neither would wear their water wings. My mom taught us to swim "when we were babies" she says. Almost every home in SA seemed to have a pool in the back yard and so did ours. So we spent a lot of time swimming as children and were very happy in the water. There aren't many pools in our back yards here in GB, so I'm really thankful for this lovely one at the docks (where Papi keeps his boat). Summer is so wonderful...

Looks like E might be interested in a crawl after all. We'll see though...

All of my handsome boys.

Project Runway starts tonight! See you on the other side.


  1. That lamp! Are you kidding me?! SUPER awesome finds.

  2. Kirsty doll,

    I simply have to say I love your blog. Your antiques are amazing, you would love this antique place here in alabama we have...I am determined to decorate my entire home from that store! my style is marie antoinette meets frank lloyd wright!!

    just wanted to show you love and support and i send twinkle toe kisses( yes i am still dancing, and i even teach a group of little rascals now)

    bisou/beso(kiss kiss)


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