Thursday, August 12, 2010

And I Want to Have More?

Oh man ... it's finally night time and I get to relax! My back aches, the kind of ache anyone might have after carrying around a 21 pounder all day long. And that's the sort of day it happened to be, as he's in a bit of a squelch at the moment, determining whether he's going to be able to continue with sleeping as we've grown used to around here, you know ... a couple of naps a day and all. Cause now he's realized that he can sit up in the middle of REM sleep and even pull up to stand in his crib, the stark realization of which seems to throw him into shrill terror and has produced a very sleepless day or two (thankfully has not disturbed nights too badly). Amazing how this milestone can make such a disturbance in one's life. And then there's the ongoing conundrum, do I simply lay him back down with tears abounding or should I nurse again? He is a very chubby 10 month old, completely capable to sleep through the night and depend on his stores of chubbs to keep him satiated till dawn.

So now that he and his sibs are scrubbed and tucked, I find the day's business is not yet over. I walk slowly to the kitchen and scornfully eye the mat by the door, counting 11 pairs of shoes. Why? Did we really wear 11 pairs of shoes today? I'm quite sure that I put them all away last night (maybe I left 1) but then I suppose it's not that far fetched, as we have (between the 5 of us) been through 7 outfit changes today. It's unbelievable. You thought I liked clothes? You should hang with Monty for the day. But now finally the washers are washing, both clothing and dishes, and I'm on the couch. Whew. Made it. I'm getting my dance on and it's "the most dramatic episode yet" (or wait, that's Monday nights). Hmmm ... I want a date night.

Oh, and yes, I think I still want to have more.

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