Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Look Around the House

I went a little camera crazy yesterday, snapping shots all around my home. Just a few of my favorite places and objects that ooze a summer playfulness and might eventually be replaced for the fall and winter with something slightly more furry or cinnamon-y (eew?). I also did a bit of rearranging, not surprising at all, and then I thought I'd share a couple of "I have that!" moments I've recently enjoyed. Hope you're surviving this sweltering week, unless you're on the west coast, I believe. I've spotted some of those "virtual" west coast fashionistas happily donning their tights and leather jackets this week. Yikes! (Well, I suppose I wouldn't mind it that much. I have been going on and on about fall clothes for some time now). Anyway, back to my interior...

Where the fruit likes to ripen.

That peachy pink textile is from Turkey and once upon a time resided in my husband's grandmother's home, before prancing over to me (a bit of family history - his grandfather was Turkish, while his grandmother is Puerto Rican). It's really gorgeous, though I have no idea what she did with it.

A sweet little piece of art from my grandmother's home. It feels very Gothic to me and works well with the black glass chandelier in the room.

Pretty summer cups. They're deceivingly lovely for plastic.

A butterfly here...

And a butterfly there.

They're really everywhere at the moment (left over from the centerpieces at my dance performance in May).

I rearranged the big boy's room and it's since made an impressive difference in the amount of play time in this room, which I'm thrilled about.

I decided to give the stuffed toys a place of honor, lined up neatly against the wall.

I found this picture and thought, "Ooh, I have a version of that!"

Here's my kitchen chandelier. I went through a major chandelier stage about 4 years ago and purchased this light and the black chandelier from

And I'm always on the lookout for great ideas on ways to display the kid's art.

This is what we have at home at the moment. I put up square pieces of cork board with push pins as a way to rotate our arts and crafts from home, school and church. There's always plenty!

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