Friday, August 6, 2010

Anthropologie's Latest Lovelies

I'm having a mad crush on Anthropologie's stunning selection of wallpapers. I've wanted to have a sweet little section of wallpaper in my home for ages now and any of theirs would be completely amazing. Then of course, they have some spectacular pieces of furniture, a work of art themselves, that seem to have lost no comfort in their beauty. I'd be perfectly capable of a good snooze in most. And then the jewelry, oh the jewelry. Just beautiful.

Two of my favorite wallpapers. Just one section would make a beautiful piece of art on a large open wall.

Amazing, isn't it?

This chair is yelling at me, "I want to go home with you!"

A sweet gift for a little someone.

A pretty autumn hued dress. (There were loads of great clothes, but I'll have to pick more faves another time).

And my new favorite shoes! (I know, I know).

A stunner of a ring.

I think I might really like these little spider ear rings. What do you think?

And finally, some colorful beads and stones to adorn the wrist, neck and ears. That necklace is really spectacular. It's also sold in a bright yellow. So wonderful!

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