Monday, August 9, 2010

Over The Weekend....

Well it's been a helluva weekend, my friends, and I can only hope that these next few days offer some relief. But I did have a tender moment with a complete stranger a couple of days ago (at the mall) that sort of put all of this into perspective for me. I think I met my angel for the day, one in the form of a little old lady at 87 years of age, who was waiting while her daughter and grand daughter shopped. She came over to have a chat with Elliot, who was also taking a break from shopping and shared tiny snippets of her life with me, mentioning that she too had 3 children and that one, now at the age of 65, was as grey as she was (how strange would that be!). She asked how old my little guys were (5, 3, and 10 months) and when I answered her eyes became clouded and thoughtful as she said meaningfully,"Those were the best years of my life." I knew that these words had so much weight behind them, as this woman had lived a full life, one that not only included 3 children but also grand and great grand children. Yet she chose these strugglesome toddler and preschool years, as being her favorite of all of them. And you know what? Despite my recent difficulties, I believed her whole heartedly.

A few weekend moments that made me grin...

Water balloons!

And a pirate party! (More to come).

And again, a Sunday outfit. I had my photographer later in the afternoon and so I had to get all dressed up again for him (except the hair could not be helped as it had maneuvered it's way into a mommy ponytail).

H&M tunic, Forever 21 jeans (aside - the day before, someone asked someone else how I "got into those things". Too funny! I suppose skinny jeans are the 21st century's version of a corset.), Target shoes.

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