Monday, August 23, 2010

Bracelets, Brooches and Belts

Arm Candy

Hello my friends! I did a little sorting through my dressing table drawers over the weekend and I came across a few beauties that I had tucked away for the summer. I put certain pieces away during the months that I'm sure I will not wear them, as there simply is not enough room on the top of my dresser to show them all off. So here are a few of those jewels, out in the sunlight, dusted and polished. 

These dancing ladies have one free hand which they love to adorn with jewelry, especially rings. As you can see, one became a bit stingy with a cocktail ring and lost her fingers in the battle. 
{blue stone - antique store, amber stone - Banana Republic, watch - great grandmother}

Belts, beaded and flowered, just the way I like them. 

Lovelies to accentuate the waist

{Blue - my grand mother's,  black - J. Crew, blush - J. Crew, beaded - Anthropologie}

A Few More Glitters 

{green stone - antique store, clear stone - mom, pink flower - garage sale, leaf - antique store, pink and purple - Express, little flower - American Eagle}

The Vintage Boho Bag

I found this amazing bag at Goodwill last summer. Seems like the perfect time to start wearing it out. (I don't switch bags too often, as some do. Too much to move over and with one item lost every time. Though I do LOVE them.)

Just had to share a Monty style moment today. He unearthed a pair of Parker's old high tops that are the cutest things you've ever seen. He seems to have found his style niche at a very early age and always prefers to dress himself. I let him ... as it's just not worth the argument. But often he'll do a surprisingly good job with his choices. Parker still prefers that I pick out his clothes and most likely will till he's married off. I wonder what direction Elliot will lean in?

Rock Star High Tops!
{shirt - Gap, shorts - Children's Place, sneakers - Old Navy}

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  1. wow u have a lot of amazing collection , can i rob away your vintage boho bag ! lol


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