Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sweet Funnies

J. Crew inspired bejeweled blazer
But first...

My 3 year old is just on top form in regards to (unbeknownst to him) expert humor and insane back chat. He sends me into (hidden) fits of giggles all the time. He has little regard for his words (though he understands them completely and the disregard for consequence has actually improved over this summer and is something we continue to work on - whew) and loves to say the sweetest most heart felt lovelies as much as he enjoys throwing out a "I no like you". Tonight, as I was getting them ready for bed, he began one of his distracted, never ending sentences ... happened to be very funny to me.

"Guess what. (begins every conversation this way)

Then a word I did not hear but I assumed was an "I"...

wewy (can't pronounce letter "L" yet and saying rewy really fast over and over is quite difficult, hence wewy),...

wewy, wewy, wewy, wewy, wewy, wewy, (still going and by his glazing expression, also starting to lose track of what he was saying)...

wewy, wewy, wewy, wewy, wewy (now I'm thinking he's about to tell me how much he loves me)...

ummmm ... dark"

There that's it. The initial missed-by-me word was "it's" and he just wanted to tell me it was dark. Yes Monty, it really is dark. Goof ball. Getting my hopes up in the clouds like that. S'okay though. He did tell Phil and me that he loved us about 60 other times this weekend. Little Pudding.

Such an Anthro vibe. Just need to add some ribbons!
A pretty skirt that's actually shorts!

And a few Sunday outfit pictures. I had fun with this one because it reminded me of something from an Urban Outfitters catalog, and I've not tried this particular look before. My sister said she thought it was very "Lucky". Sweetness. This summer has really been a little different for me, when it comes to "dressing up". Simply because I cannot wear my much loved dresses, as I usually would (just a trickier nursing experience ... you understand). Every Saturday I look into my cupboard and automatically reach for a colorful swishy dress and then remember ... ugh. Next summer then.

Aside - If you are a ballet expert, please take into consideration that I am arabesque-ing on a sloping hill. Thank you so much.

{jacket - Lerner New York, blouse - Urban Outfitters, skirt & belt - Forever 21, shoes & ring - T J Maxx, brooches - Target/Express/antique store}


  1. I wish I could pull of this outfit. Looks fab!

  2. ''i no like you''is so cute , lol

    a house with children is the best place to be :)

    you're a beautiful young mum and salute to that


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