Friday, August 20, 2010

It's Play Time!

Here are a few of the fun goodies the kids received from SA, bought at a flea market. Two colorful taxis for hanging on the wall, a beaded elephant and butterfly, and two airplanes crafted out of tin. We'll have to make a display for all our precious items collected from Ouma and Papi's travels. We have a few decorative kid's things and toys from Puerto Rico, London and Hawaii. So spoiled. 

I have a fantastic story to tell, perhaps my "crazy thing" #3 for this week. When I went over to my mother-in-law's home I saw this bag on the counter. Can you just imagine my shock! Laduree, filled with something or other, right here on her counter top in Green Bay. I asked where she had purchased a Laduree item and of course she replied "Paris!" Excuse me? You were in Paris? 

Well, a long story short, they were at the airport in Paris for a few hours and Laduree has a shop there (I bet that airport is glittering with chandeliers and coffee shops). She had decided to purchase macarons and she had no idea about these macarons, it was just a chance occurrence. A tiny miracle, I think. So I had the pleasure of tasting a true macaron from the palace itself. A cococut flavor (I imagine that she thought they were coconut macaroons, with flaky coconut and chocolate bottoms) that was melt in your mouth. My mom flies through Paris on her way home from SA next week, so I'm going to see if I can convince her to make the same stop and perhaps pick up a new flavor. Hmmm......

The fancy bag

We had another exquisite day yesterday and spent some time outside. The big boys blew bubbles while we watched from our blanket. 


A photographic study of the effects of very early exposure to newspaper reading.

A studious moment
Thoroughly entertained
Debating the contents
This is so hysterical!

My funny little man with his shirt tucked into his undies. 

Parker took a few pictures of Elliot and I.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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  1. the baby photos are so cute , beautiful little ones

    I've read so much and see so many photos about Laduree's macarons , i hope some day i will have the chance to try it


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