Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sequins For Day Take My Drabs Away

And you? I am beyond thrilled to see the tiny push towards a very genius trend, sequins for day time. My sister and I have been campaigning for this for several seasons now and always most fervently at Christmas and New Year. I've collected some of the most gorgeous new sparklers from J. Crew and I hope that you will not shake your head at me (silly girl) but instead thoughtfully reconsider your firm stand against sequins. How can you not?


I first saw these on Jenna Lyons when she did the Oprah show several months ago and I was just about hyperventilating (yes, I'm being overly dramatic). But they were seriously awesome on her and finally, they're available to the masses. Though they are $650. Stink!

Paired with plaid

Okay, I get it. Plaid and sequins ... a bit far fetched. I'd probably go with my denim shirt.

It's just so caszh 

(What I mean is casual.) Now this one kind of works, though I do think that very same shirt is hanging in my huz's closet. I don't know ... maybe this styling is best left on the model and I'd better just break out a simple black T.

Too perfect for words!

I just love this combination. I would do that.


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  1. those pants are AMAZING! i want them.

    happy friday, hope you stop by my blog and say hello. xo



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