Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to School!

This depicts, very nicely, how I feel today. Sigh.

The boys were scooted off to their first day of school today and it went splendidly. Well done, my little men! 

Some of us were still chewing our cereal while we took a plethora of pictures through the rush and excitement. (It's always a mad rush, isn't it? Even if you've planned for more than enough time.) I had to all but shove food down Monty's throat to ensure he would not get hungry within the 3 school hours. He's not too terribly fond of breakfast. 

Spiderman went to school. Figures. 

My loves heading out the door (as a tear rolls down my cheek - wink wink).

The whole fam together again!

My little sister Cara is here for baby's arrival (in case you've missed it, middle sister Daena is about to have a little something-or-other). Cara is a (very important) labor and delivery nurse and we think that's pretty spectacular. But to Daena's horror, dear Cara arrived with gloves and cord clamps, fully prepared to deliver little one at home (should the need arise). Daena lives 30 seconds away from the hospital. But you never know; you just never know...

Our Cara Meliah

Hopefully I'll be sharing newborn pictures any day now. But in the mean time, it's great to be with the whole family again. We miss you Aunty Cara!

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