Thursday, September 2, 2010

DIY Pretties for Home

A girly chandelier

I've been looking around for some creative ideas for fall crafts, making use of all the wonderful new outdoorsy items available in such abundance such as leaves, acorns, pine cones or pumpkins and in all those gorgeous colors. I'm hoping to be inspired (by Martha, most likely) to try making a lovely wreath for the front door or a dining table centerpiece. Just whatever looks uniquely autumn. In this quest I stumbled upon this chandelier and it's "recipe". I thought it was just too sweet and I know lots of little ladies that would adore it. (Not really a seasonal craft but too cute not to share.) Here are the instructions to create a similar masterpiece. 


Two florist rings {large and small} covered in velvet ribbon

Ric rac {or rick rack, you pick} and other fun ribbons
to dangle from the center, and to suspend the rings

3 styles of Martha Stewart butterfly punches

Crystals {large and small}

Pearl bead ribbon {several yards}

 Pins with pearl heads here and there

Glue gun and lots of glue

Made by a very clever mother of 6 at serendipity. Check her out!

I also have a really mod and ultra cool wreath with instructions for it's own fabulousness. It's on my list of "perhaps I'll try...". I think I'll feature a new fall craft each week and decide on 1 or 2 to actually commit to at the end of the month, just in time for an October full of parties and get-togethers. Maybe you can try them along with me?


A round wreath form — 12 inches with a flat top and sides

Ribbon (about 9 yards for a 12 inch wreath)

Gorilla Glue

Paint that matches your ribbon

Small Dowels or wooden beads.

Round Wooden Craft Circles  – approximately 30 circles of different sizes

4 different patterns of decorative paper

Glue gun and sticks OR Superglue

Decoupage medium  (Outdoor Mod Podge)

 More pictures with further instructions can be found at the fabulous tatertots and jello.

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