Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lollygagging in Milwaukee

Catching the elusive snooze 

Yesterday was a blast! Little E, my mom, and my little sis all took a drive to Milwaukee for the day. First order of business/itsy piece of heaven - Starbucks. Second stop/angel hideaway - Anthropologie!!!
(Surely there will be both in heaven, side by side on those streets of gold.)

 Isn't. this. just. breath taking? I can't even believe the magnificent goodies that you can find at this place and the dramatic design & styling ... awe inspiring. (If you've not been,) each store has it's own unique sensory flair,  and all are sure to leave you a little speechless at the sight. 

Those quilts! I think I want every one of them ... surely we'll have a family large enough to require enough beds to make use of all of these lovelies. (Yes, I can make it happen by golly).

These papier mache animal busts are soooo cool. ($68)

We also made a swing by H & M and Trader Joe's. I'll share pictures of the items that sashayed home with me soon. It was a very expensive relaxing happy day.
Have a very lovely weekend friends!

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  1. I looooved those papier mâché animal heads!! I may need to buy one someday soon.


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