Sunday, September 12, 2010

Trying Out the Fall Trends

Today I thought I'd take a few older items in my closet (seasons past) and try to reinvent them, mixing 2 of the big fall fashion trends now "back in style" - military and leopard. I've named my "military" skirt such because of it's olive-y hue and snug fit, though I suppose I'm really not sure if it falls into that category. (Let's for kicks and giggles (and my point), say it does.) I paired it with my leopard print heels, also slightly ancient but still kind of great, a new airy button down, and a few girly accessories to soften it up. I loved the combo but have to admit that I felt a bit "Working Girl". Perhaps the shirt? Here's the outfit, outside on a bright, sunshiny day.

{shirt - H&M, belt - Anthropologie, skirt - H&M, shoes - Kohls, bracelet & necklace - Banana Republic, ear rings & ring - antique, purse - Anthropologie ... my favorite Friday find!}

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  1. Very nice dress this dress is looking really professional.Fall Fashion Trends 2010 include the professional dresses.


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