Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Mom's Jewelry

My mom has a jewelry collection that would put any other to shame. It is un-be-liev-able. I attempted to photograph these little glories with the hope of sharing these wonders with the world. Note - what you see here is only a fraction of the reality that lies in those closet depths. A fraction, my dears. To put it mildly, I feel a nagging something when I go through her drawers (particularly the gold compartments). Jealousy, you say? I'm surely not capable of such silliness ... well, maybe just a tiny bit, here and there.

Isn't it stunning? My mom used to make jewelry out of fimo clay when we were little and then had a small sterling silver jewelry business. She then began creating pieces from the oodles of gorgeous beads she'd collected and sold those too. And there was that time when she worked for another sparkly company, selling their wares to the masses. All this to say, it's in her blood and she's been collecting lovelies for a long time.

I couldn't resist sharing these wonderful pictures of the kids, looking as fabulous as ever. Gorgeous Adorlee, rocking an adorable outfit with AMAZING shoes.

{shoes - Children's Place}

{Monty's little Italian boots are from Goodwill!}

{onesie - Gap, pants - Old Navy}

Elliot continues to grow and change daily and suddenly at a much more rapid speed. Ah! (slow down little E - I want you to forever be this perfect little baby!). He talks to me now, but not just any old chat. It's the kind where he looks me in the eyes and babbles carefully and very seriously, as if he really is telling me something. We pretend to understand each other, nodding yes, chatting back and forth, until he's done with me and moves on. It's so precious that I don't mind being discarded at the end. He is also now a speed crawler, so we've entered him into the upcoming baby race at our local gym (hahaha). But seriously, so fast?! He obviously feels very big and important with his new found independance and well, I love it too for more reasons than just HE CAN CRAWL! He also plays for ages, all on his own, here and there and everywhere. Parker just sat there, plopped in the middle of the rug unmoving, reaching for toys within slight stretching distance, but none further. It took him ages to move. Monty was somewhere in the middle of the 2. He walked at about 10 months, skipping the crawl for a swift cruise instead. Alas, 3 different little boys with unique oddities. (But we all know it's sure to happen). What more could a mom ask for.

Little E's 1st birthday is around the corner and party invitation pictures are soon to come! Stay tuned (oh, and click to the left to become a follower of this blog - please! I'd love to see your pretty face on this page).

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