Sunday, September 19, 2010

Over the Weekend...

A perfect September day, in more ways than one. It began with coffee, donuts, chocolate muffins (I know!) and all outside in this gorgeous, sunshiny weather. We all spiffied up for church, the boys rocking their high tops sneakers, while I glammed up in a pretty grey dress with lacey accents.
{dress - Hey Daisy!, slip dress - Anthropologie (gift), mary janes- Arden B (used to work there ages ago), charm bracelets - oh so old}
After a morning at church, a quick lunch, and kisses before naps, I zipped over to my sister's home to snap a few newborn pictures. Charlie is rapidly approaching 3 weeks and changing every second. It's so wonderful to capture memories of those little ones when they're still brand new, skin often peeling and dry and still with that precious layer of "fur". Funny little things. His body might still be adjusting to the world outside the womb but by the sheer amount of content sighs and adoring stares in his mom's direction, Charlie is perfectly happy to be in his mother's arms instead.
 Started off a bit grumpy, but warmed up to the camera quickly. Then he started showing off!
So strong! He also wanted to be sure that I got a great shot of him sucking on his thumb. Haha ... amazing, and those cherry red lips!
Staring at his mommy, stars in his eyes. Oh, oh, oh!
He's a stunner, that's for sure. Love you little C.


  1. He is edible! Fantastic Pics!!!!

  2. Oh my Heavens, he is gorgeous if I may say so myself :). The photographer behind the lense is not so bad either, doctoring up my Little C to look just that perfect. Thanks, Kir!

  3. Absolute perfection - Mom, Aunt and little C. I couldn't be prouder.

  4. He's the sweetest. Already looking like he's working hard on the chubs! Get it, Chuck!! :)


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