Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fancy Fashion - Zara

Still blogging about fashion today but will try to grab my camera again this weekend. I'm loving these youthful Zara looks, in all their layered fabulousness. There are no Zara stores anywhere nearby, but if I ever make it to the city, I'll definitely have to check it out. They do have gorgeous items at their site, though it seems you can't yet order that way (at least not in the US). Hopefully soon!

My favorite - those caramel leather shorts (whistle)

Polka dot dresses, flouncy socks, furs with skinnies, floor length skirts, the new and improved cape, and grandpa knits with flirty dresses. All perfect for fall.

(Sorry they're so small but) oh my word! The kid's clothes are adorable (not to mention the kids themselves).

As a side note to my new "followers", welcome! I'm thrilled to see that you like it here and actually put your picture/name on the wall. Thank you! I've had a few of you ask for the simplest way to accomplish this and I've found that it is to create a google account. It's quick and easy and just requires your email and a password. Then you're done! I use my google account to follow other blogs or comment at blogs and you can do the same here. Simple as that. So go ahead .. do it. And comment often, cause I love to hear from you. And to those lovely readers that make a regular stop by (Keta, Nic, Daen, Di ... you know who you are), please join my little club too! Haha. Come on girls!

{all Zara with first few via krisatomic}

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