Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Retro Fashion Moment

I finally had the opportunity to wear my vintage cotton candy pink linen dress. It requires the perfect weather and accessories and yesterday I finally felt inspired to give it a try. I spotted this dress at our antique mall last winter, hanging quietly amongst the bejeweled 80's gowns and floor length 70's bursts of color. This vendor sells the most astonishingly beautiful pieces. I wish I had reason to purchase 4 semi formal frocks, other than simply to look dreamily at them each time the closet doors open. And there's this python clutch that's been dying to come home with me for months now, but with a $98 price tag, it remains upon it's high shelf.

{dress - Somewhere in Time, bracelets - Limited and vintage, belt - Target, shoes - Dillards}

I took a few detailed photos of the lovely peter pan collar, my favorite part. There weren't many decent photos to share of this outfit because I managed to pull an excruciating amount of ridiculous faces during this little shoot. I really have to work on posing in my spare time! Can you imagine? The boys will love that, I'm sure.

Elliot and I made a stop at Goodwill yesterday, hoping to find a little something for our ever changing art wall (cheap is best as it will likely be replaced at season's end with a snowy landscape). These are the items that came home with us. A grand total of $3.50!

I recently discovered this vendor at Etsy and was completely taken with his clever creations. And then I found this amazing piece for $1.50 and was beyond excited to take on the challenge.

Sweet little embroidered lady all the way from Russia.

This print is well suited to the color and mood of our autumn wall.

Parker painstakingly lined up our polka dots and photographed them. They went the length of our living room and back again!

He also took a few of me as I began my 11th hour of cutting felt (just kidding). Whew ... glad to be done though. Therapeutic and painful at the very same time. Much like stretching. Haha.


  1. That dress is wonderful!!! Jonathan and I are in the market for a nice Goodwill dining room table. Keep your eyes open for me. :)


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