Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ankle Socks

The weather has been unbelievably gorgeous this fall with few really chilly moments to speak of. I  do adore that autumn chill though and the long awaited opportunities to circle a scarf around my neck and slip on a pair of boots again. But these last few days have been quite magical and we've really loved laying around on blankets outside, staring up at those turning leaves as they float slowly down. 

I had an outfit picked out and planned for today, but then the weather did not cooperate, as it required cooler temperatures to keep me from overheating inside those tights. So instead I grabbed a favorite summer skirt and my dear friend, the denim shirt. And finally, after many tries with other ensembles, my ankle socks looked cute with this combo, neither too granny nor too sexy (what extremes these mini hosieries can achieve!). 

{shirt - Gap, skirt - Target}

I started off with a belt to cinch in the waist, as the tulip skirt is quite full and the denim shirt a looser fit. But then I decided to embrace this slouchy, relaxed fit instead and add lots of necklaces to glam it up a bit. A belt on top of this would just be over-accessorized, I think. I actually have a bit of a fear of over-accessorizing in fact, unable to wear more than one ring on a hand at a time and not capable of combining a flashy necklace + ear ring. One has to go. But I suppose Rachel Zoe gave me a bit of a fashionable push this season, one urging me to be a little more fearless with jewels and other accessories, layering them on without restraint. Haha... if you love it, wear it; and all of it! Well, today I took a couple of baby steps forward. 

Monty joined us outside for outfit pictures and ran energetically up and down the hill in front of our home, dancing his little jig. He looked gorgeous today, rocking an amazing fedora and some of his own slouchy pants.

{fedora by Fore!! Axel and Hudson, pants imported from Guatemala}

{shoes - Payless, ankel socks - H&M}

{necklaces - Charlotte Russe, South Africa, and grannie}

Elliot and Parker have the same pants too. They're the cutest things you've ever seen and at $18 each, so affordable. 
{Sweet Peas}

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