Monday, October 11, 2010

Awesome Spaces!

Lonny mag is out once again and though I've not yet taken a look for myself (my computer is "broken" cause the middle one yanked out the cord, severing it, so I have to wait for huz to come home each evening to blog... ugh!) but I plan to soon. I have, however, seen lovely images here and there and these next 3, seen at sfgirlbybay, were truly unbestinkin'. Take a look...

I desperately need a makeover in the dining area, specifically table and chairs. Our table was an antique find about 7 years ago (which means it's now double-y old) and it's just plain yuck (always covered with a sweet tablecloth (thanks goodness for those). And our chairs are horrible! They were found at Goodwill 4 years ago and painted and now upholstered 3 different times, layering fabric after fabric on top of the next. I don't have the time or energy to remove one before adding the other. So the seats will no longer remain on their wooden frames and it's not too uncommon to find a dining patron fall ungracefully to their bottoms during a meal. It's a good giggle though. But back to the pic ...  I really love that rug!

Art wall from heaven. What beautiful chaos that is. Wow...

A shared bedroom that makes me smile. Those giant portraits are so adorable and the preppy pink, tangerine, and crisp lines are so amazing.

I saw this grand kitchen at coco & kelley and fell in love (yes, you can fall in love with a kitchen ... watch me). I love the floors, the dining area, the lighting, the black and white. Love, love, love.

Aside - I know I love to use my ( ) but there are 2 different conversations blabbing about in my head at the same time and I think you need to be privy to both. Hope that's okay. Not the most studious of writing methods and my English teacher might scoff, but this is more of a journal than a research paper anyway. Right?

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