Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Frolicking

We went over to my sister's home for dinner a couple of nights ago and the kids had a blast playing outside on the messy curbs, displacing piles of leaves neatly raked by their Shooby. (Sorry Shoobs). There's nothing more inviting than a giant hill of red and orange goodness. 

Little E thought they were delightful.
Their cuz has a jeep and Parker announced to me this morning that he wanted to live at Aunty Daena's home instead because he likes it better there. 
"Because Charles lives there and cause they have a (kid's) car."
Yes, I completely understand. If I had been for a joy ride in a real moving miniature car when I was a little thing, I too would never want to live anywhere but in that precise location again. 
Such beauty.

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  1. Love this post. E looks like he just found a new treasure! Your pics are wonderful. Jonathan would be proud. Also, loving E's belt. If I'm seeing it right, it looks like a "found in a Mexican flee market" type thing. So rad!!


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