Sunday, October 31, 2010

Costume Fun - Day 1

Yesterday was our first costume party. We hurried off to the harvest festival at church and rocked till we dropped. This year we had 2 super heroes and a wild elephant join our ranks. Captain America flexes his well toned bod above while a once vicious elephant (recently tamed) shows a bit of annoyance due to a restricted & sweaty head. 

Spiderman forgot his mask at home, which unveiled his secret identity to the masses; anonymity a thing of the past. Now what Spiderman? At least you didn't have to deal with a similar case of elephant's  sweaty head. 

Fighting off a giant black widow spider (spiderman was dueling with an jack o lantern gone rogue). 

A very typical face from Monty. It says, "Just one more."

A game for Elliot.

Racing around the gym. 

Monty taking on Superman in potato sack races. 

Starting to get very tired now.

 A challenge ....

to each their own ...

can't remember who one. 

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