Friday, October 29, 2010

Room Additions

 {image from kenziepoo}

Love this guitar pillow for Monty and those angel wing pillows are kind of awesome too (ah mom - think you could make us some?). I'm really in the mood to stir things up a bit in the big boy bedroom, starting by getting rid of the bunk bed and adding a couple of single beds. I have some sweet ideas for the room and can't wait to put all of my ideas on an inspiration board and get started. I'd love to begin with these beds from Ikea ...

Though this bed may be a good option too (also from Ikea).

And their bunk beds are pretty impressive! Or perhaps it's just the way they put this room together.

I just need to get over there and take a look at what they have. It's out of control expensive to ship! Also love these acrylic dining chairs for the dining table (would love them in a clear acrylic). So much easier to clean!

 {found at young house love}

It would be great paired with this wooden table, don't you think? World Market has some beautiful dining table options, several of which would be great.

Or this one. And the bench option is perfect too. I suppose I've determined from today's internet snooping, that I really need to truck on over to Chicago and visit Ikea. Anyone want to come along?

And finally, this tree branch turned mobile makes me smile. I always love any whimsy suspended from the ceiling and this one would be easy to create at home. Parker's nursery had a great stripey wall that the huz and I worked very hard on (in our previous home). I'd love to try it again ... in the boy's room perhaps or maybe even in the entryway. I've always felt that the stark white wall that greets you is just a bit blah. And though the Swedish design blogs inspire me so much in all their pale white with just a few pops of color glory, I think I'm just a color loving girl and will always tend to lean in that direction. Anthro wallpaper covering the entry wall would also be spectacular! Gosh, there's not a room in my home that feels "finished". Likely never will ...

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