Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Dinner and a Breakfast

 Last night the huz and I attended a very delicious fall dinner party. Each diner was asked to bring a favorite fall dish and boy oh boy, they did not disappoint. I most definitely indulged had 4 helpings over-ate. Let see ... there was beef stroganoff, caesar salad, a pumpkin salad of sorts (outstanding!), fruit salsa, rice pudding, a grape fluffy thing (divine), cinnamon bread, pumpkin chocolate chip cheesecake (can't even describe) and my own, caramel apple pie. Okay fine, it was whipped up by the good people at Uncle Mike's Bake Shop but I was the one to (importantly) purchase, slice and serve. There's a lot to be said for purchasing fantastic desserts versus the Perkins pie, right? I mean, they're great and all but just don't even come close to this heavenly concoction. And don't you love the way the utensils are tied with a ribbon and upright in a dish of rice. So cute.
Daena and I begged Shooby to do a little photo shoot (if you're going to take the time to dress up, for heaven's sakes, take some pictures). They were the hosts of this party, by the way, and this is their fabulous home.
 {On Daena: pants - Arden B (very old), heels - Kohls, necklace - not sure}
{On me: fur vest - Cynthia Rowley at T J Maxx, pants - H & M (old)}
Daena "making fun" of me and my picture twirls. But look how good it looks! Haha. 
This is Blair, Daena's neighbor. I loved her outfit and she was gracious enough to allow me to photograph her (and her legs and her arm). 
Her tatoo is really beautiful too. It's the beginning stages of a peacock with feathers curling down her left arm. It was done by a tattoo artist here in Green Bay. It's so great to see someone's work that I love, as I've been considering another tattoo for ages now (have a cross on my ankle).
This morning we (mom, sister and I) attended a fancy breakfast. This is what I wore ... 
{top and necklace - antique store, jeans and belt - Forever 21 (almost always the same pair), boots - Sam Edelman at Piperlime}
My silly spin to show you the gorgeous back.
So this is the story behind this little lace jacket. I found it about a month ago at my go-to antique vendor at the shop in downtown Green Bay. It is part of a truly swoony set; accompanying a tear jerker of a dress (that's how amazing it is). Together - well, it's a bit much. But apart, they're perfect pieces.  Hope to wear the dress really soon. 
I wanted to "toughen" it up a bit, so I wore it with the studded skinny belt and studded boots. I love the mix of feminine and rocker chic (well that's what I'll call it).


  1. Dear Kirsty, I've been reading your blog for maybe a month now, ever since Cara Bella posted the link on FB. Jonathan showed me your blog during one of our Tulsa visits but somehow it just didn't click in my mind. So now I've been inspired by all your loveliness and I wore cuteness to church this morning which is usually a jean dominated event. Like you, I understand the freedom of wearing jeans but somewhere deep inside I long to dress up to go to church. Thanks for the inspiration. I'd like to post what I wore too but I haven't figured that part out yet(posting photos)


Thanks for reading!
xx Kirsty

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