Monday, November 8, 2010

Leopard, Pink and Crazy Curls

Daena and I happened on the perfect location for shooting outfit pics today and despite 6 chatty/wailing children, we stopped to capture the looks for you.

This dress belongs to my mom! I was so surprised and excited to find it in her closet and had to take it for a spin. It's a very sleek little number, so I tried to make it a little more relaxed by adding the (fake) leather vest and fur trimmed wedge boots. 

{dress - mom's closet, vest & bracelet (old) - Forever 21, boots - Michael Kors at T J Maxx}

My gooorgeous sister (7 weeks after having a baby for heaven's sakes!) looked amazing today. I suppose I'll take a bit of the credit for that - haha. We've developed a habit now of sending iphone pics of our outfits to each other, to get the other's opinion (little sis does this too). Sometimes Daena just asks me to dress her (when the baby's still tiny there's much less time to consider clothing - yes?) and this was one of those weekends. I kinda love doing it! I thought we'd go for a J. Crew vibe with this one ... so pretty. 

{All old (some ancient) except tights: jacket - Gap, blouse - Old Navy, belt - J Crew, skirt - Arden B, tights - T J Maxx, heels - Nine West}

I worked at Arden B in the late 90's and I have a few really beautiful pieces from there. We thought we were pretty awesome back then, tripping around in our sky high wedges (they were leopard even ... come full circle, but sad to say it was one pair of shoes that I did send to Goodwill ... bummer), styling fancy party/clubbing/date night outfits for the fashionable ladies (they encouraged us to put looks together for the shoppers). Haha. Good times.

Daena's daughter, Adorlee. She slept with about 20 Princess Leia buns in her hair last night and this was the magnificent result. I couldn't get enough pictures of her!

Beautiful little thing!

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  1. Fantastic outfits!! Thank goodness God blessed us with sisters!:-)



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