Saturday, November 6, 2010

Shoe Addiction

 Today I became one of the proud owners of this fabulous pair of heels. I have joint custody with my sister and I couldn't be more pleased with our arrangement. These babies are waaaay more jaw dropping in person and with just the perfect heel height, quite capable of a stroll through snow (if they must). And knowing that they will likely not be worn more than ...  eh ... twice a month, if that, it's perfect for us to take turns and get a bigger bang for our bucks. I think that we have about 4 pairs of "split" shoes between the 2 of us. Pretty lucky to have the advantage of being the same size ... double everything!

We (mom, sister, me - missed you, other sister) stole away to T J Maxx for a couple of heavenly hours this afternoon and it became very, very clear that - 
1. We are, without question, addicted to shoes (but I wouldn't call this a problem)
2. Shopping therapy is a beautiful thing and works true wonders

I think we may have tried on about 18 pairs between the 3 of us and maybe 8 of them landed in our cart. What a tough decision! 

These lovelies have been dipped to perfection in a fine silver glitter, LBD ready! 

{Nine West heels - $39.99 at T J Maxx, far cheaper than the glittered numbers I've admired online and for me, only $20!}

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