Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Outfit - Mixing Dressy With Casual

I often find myself in a what-to-wear conundrum, particularly the kind that has me itching to wear something pretty (perhaps a bit too dressy for grocery shopping and story time?) and sighing as I regretfully realize I should instead reach for jeans and a t-shirt (not that I don't love a good t-shirt, cause I do!). Anyway, yesterday was no different and as I grabbed my chiffony, ruched, polka dotty blouse I considered how to dress it down enough to still look "normal" enough at the post office. Haha. I'm just a girl who likes to wear pretty things day in and day out no matter the place or time - sue me!

We grabbed a few pictures with the endless fields of corn as our back drop, this country side setting right outside the huz's office window. So very apropros for this time of year, isn't it? (The kids would love a romp through a corn maze any day of the week). In the winter it's often deer that you'll see spotted here and there on the snowy horizon. Seems I'm a bit of a country mouse ... (Not really. Green Bay is one of those cities that seems to curiously flip between *city and country every mile that you drive. Had my little sister quite confused when she first visited).
*Not city in the true sense of the word but rather neighborhoods, shops, restaurants, crazy giant stadium, etc. 

  This polka dot blouse is one of my faves and is in weekly rotation. I can dress it down for day time or add a sparkly necklace for date night. Yesterday it was this black sweatshirt/jacket with the asymmetrical zipper and the vintage leopard belt that rolled out of my closet together.

The boots are ancient but I kept them, thank goodness. (I'm often surprised at the items I find in storage down below since I've made so many moves since I lived at home. And those clothes that are still from South Africa, well, that's really impressive! So I'm thankful that after all the traveling and packing up of boxes and hundreds of trips to Goodwill after cleaning out, I've managed to keep some pieces that are cool enough to wear again. Just came across a pair of white mary janes from who knows when ... hmmm?). I wore these military-meets-hiking boots in high school and then kept them hidden in a box for a good 12 years before they emerged. I've had fun pairing them with something  feminine (they're very "rugged"). I've always believed that opposites attract!

A closer look at the blouse with it's sweetly ruched shoulders.

While we took our photos the little men waited patiently in the windy breeze.

{Blouse - T J Maxx, belt - Somewhere in Time (GB), jeans & sweatshirt - Forever 21, boots - Baker}

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