Thursday, December 23, 2010

A (Bit of My) Week in Pictures

I've had a really amazing week so far. The best part being the day that my great, big 5 year old turned 6 and with so much fervor. This week we also wrapped our presents (a few each afternoon) and we made jolly visits here and there to enjoy Christmas delights in various homes (and to "ooh" and "ah" over the wonderful trees). We also enjoyed many, many delicious treats, some homemade (& extremely yummy) gifts from little dancing ladies and others the goodies we cooked up at my mom's house. We've eaten so much! All in all, an unbelievably sweet week, all leading up to our much anticipated Christmas weekend with family. (Little sis arrives today with Mr. B!). Can't wait!
 I found this peculiar present when I was moving the lot of them under the tree. At first I thought that Monty had peeked into one and attempted to cover up his tracks. But then I noticed this ...
 Not "mommy". So funny.
 One evening I was left to my own devices (as the huz was off to a movie). This is what happened ...
 Little E and his reindeer sweater.
 And his "I can make you do anything" face.
We can't all be happy at the very same time. Even when there's music and cookies and dance parties and hugs. Still have to get a good groan in there every few minutes just to make sure mom is still paying attention (and didn't quickly run out for a Starbucks).
 Baking gingerbread cookies for our friends at school. (I captured a rare little moment here).
 One of my favorite trees of the week. So huge it would surely make you gasp!
 The birthday boy!
(who refuses to let us style his new haircut and instead flattens it down in the front so he looks"normal" and not "handsome" {and then ends up looking like that dude in dumb and dumber} Heaven help me!)
 And what's a birthday without a trip to Chuck E Cheeses! (bliss?)
 Tea and macaroons with a dear-y dear.
 My next favorite tree of the week. So vintage.
 A lovely, winter-y vignette (and a puzzle too; how awesome is that!)

Hope you've had a really great week. Last day to enter the Holiday Giveaway! Get to it!!

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