Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Dinner Party

 We hosted a little dinner for some dear friends last night and despite the blizzard howling outside our windows, we managed a lovely evening of good food and great dance moves (+ everyone made it home safely ... well, at least to their driveways ... close enough).
 Wrapped brie cheese with pecans. So delicious. 
And bacon tomato puffs ... also amazing (as you can tell by the delighted expression). I grabbed the recipes for these yummy appetizers from Callista (thank you!), who whipped them up for her Christmas party on Wednesday. It's so nice to try something new (at least to me) and festive for your friends. 
We also enjoyed a beef tenderloin and mashed potatoes with 2 sauces, a dijon and horse radish/garlic. The huz took care of all of these amazing bitefuls. 
 I took a few pictures of the table at the end of the evening, when things were winding down. It looked so romantic, sitting there cozily ... covered in it's plaid, candle light and sparkling glass. 
Our second Christmas show was canceled due to all the snow that the heavens dumped on us last night, along with church this morning and so many other festive weekend events. But it's okay, because my family is spending the day together around the fire after playing in that great white fluff for over an hour (E and I with our noses pressed to the {warm side of the} windows). Soon we hope to head to Papa and Grannie to bake Christmas cookies and decorate their tree. An unexpected day turning into a memorable one. The loveliest of all. 


Thanks for reading!
xx Kirsty

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