Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Christmas Show!

Happy weekend everyone! We have one Christmas show under our belts this morning with one more on the way this afternoon. It was a blast for everyone and I have a few pictures to share. Note - not very good quality as they were taken without the flash but decent enough to crack a smile.
Monty on the right. Reminds me of a very "old fashioned" picture, don't you think? (well, minus Monty's shoes perhaps). That little boy on the left is spectacular. Haha.
The littlest little ones as Christmas ornaments. Mya (on the far right) didn't stop yawning even for a moment through the dances entirety. They were most definitely up past their bed times last night.
Jazzy girls (trying to caught mid pose, I think).
Older jazzers dancin' in the 50's.
First and second year ballet dancers all together. It's so great to catch them in positions like this, isn't it?!
The coolest choir ever.
Monty wasn't as thrilled about the sheep song ...
Daena and Adorlee enjoying the "snow" at the end of the show.
My awesome boys!
(aside - strange white socks were required for something ... perhaps the 50's song ... not sure. Look amazing with his outfit though, so that's great! Haha)

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