Friday, December 31, 2010

A Few New Lovelies

Happy Monday friends! I want to welcome all the new readers that have recently joined. I'm so completely thrilled to have you! As I write this morning, I'm watching the prettiest tiny flakes of snow fall softly and very slowly outside my kitchen window (in the forest of trees in our backyard). It's pretty magical ... and after a rather stressful weekend, it's quite therapeutic & relaxing. Now I just need that coffee ...

Well, I spent a bit of time redecorating a couple of rooms yesterday. Well, just adding some touches here and there. Thought I'd share the updates with you. I went to Besselli's 50% off sale and picked up this gorgeous silk scarf (the one with roses) It's supposed to go around my neck, but looks so smashing on my wall. Our "head board" is constantly changing ... sometimes art and other times scarves (usually vintage finds), just whatever I'm in the mood for. 
 A sweet little pillow made for me by one of my students.
This perfect little beaded bow is from Daena (Anthropologie) and the tasseled layers necklace is from my mom (Loft).
I adore this jewelry dish with it's tiny bird keeping a watchful eye over my jewels (I have a little one that likes to swipe them) - (Pottery Barn).
 {little white purse - vintage, bracelets - grandma, Piperlime & Banana Republic, leaf hair pin - vintage}
Monty's new guitar pillow (from Oeuf). Sort of the coolest thing ever.
And the boys received this awesome tee pee from Land of Nod (needs a good steamin' though). Grannie created a little kit of colored cord and "bug-y" clothes pins for displaying our rotation of art work. And there's that chalk board decal again.
Grannie also made these capes! Isn't she the best?
I picked up this bookcase from Target. It's tidied things up so nicely. I'd hoped for a similar set from Ikea but these were great too and even a better price. 
I also did a little thrifting over the weekend. Goodwill, how I love thee.
Grand total for all of this - $34 and a few cents. Thought that was pretty great!

Don't forget to enter the winter giveaway for a chance to win a $30 gift certificate to CSN stores. They even have a luxe site that sells some fantastic shoes and bags, if that's more up your alley!


  1. Your finds are gorgeous! I especially adore the classes with the gold rings around them. I have just gotten the thrifting bug and today seems like a good day to go. :)

  2. Thanks straycompass. Hope you had some luck too! :)


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