Friday, December 3, 2010

Ready for the Holidays!

Well, I finally have everything decorated, and just in time for last night's Christmas party (for a college age group that comes over each week). So I thought I'd take you on a little tour. 
 I added the top and bottom plates, both mini works of art that are really quite beautiful. Anthro finds, of course... (Just click on any image to take a closer look.) 
Just added the "woodsy" garland above the painting.
And a shimmery wreath is now suspended from the shelves by a pretty velvet ribbon. 
 A wider angle. 
Parker added his newest ornament to this little canvas. 
 I wound a stretchy sort of twine back and forth along this frame's edges and now we're using it to display everyone's Christmas cards. 
 This little door knob gets to have some fun too 
 The "fireplace room" gets a shiny paper chain and some curly branches.
 And the tree, with it's abundance of ornaments. I had to work really hard to get Parker to stop adding more (and more). It's filled to the brim with colorful goodies (and he would have happily continued until each branch had just about fallen over). 
Had to add some giant pink sequins to the couch, flanked by the "manly" toss pillows. 
Yummy white chocolate & peppermint dipped pretzel sticks for the party.
And one of my favorite holiday party drinks, egg nog punch. Recipe to follow soon. (I know it may sound gross to many, but it's seriously delicious!)


  1. Oh man!! It looks great! I better get moving on my decorating!:-) Love the Christmas card holder idea.:-)


  2. House looks lovely! Wish we were there...

  3. Thanks Callista and miss you Joy!


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