Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spring Trend - Sheer Skirts

Diane Kruger in Dior Couture, completely stunning in an amazing sheer dress that could never be worn in real life by us "regulars", so thanks goodness she did it here! This daring little number was worn in 2008 but today I'm seeing it more and more often. And it's no time at all till it's little sister, the more "modest" partially sheer maxi skirt, is seen in mass production - Forever 21? Target? Wouldn't be surprised ...
And here, a lovely Kiera Knightley for Vogue Italia (January 2011), making it ethereal and balletic. 
{Free People - $98}
Pretty meets practical in this assortment of sheer skirts, varied lengths and coverage, so not for everyone. But if the underskirt was an appropriate length, I think they would be really lovely with a chunky sweater for still-chilly spring mornings. (The pink above is my fave).
 {Topshop - $80}
 {Modcloth - $39.99}
{Nasty Gal - $98}


  1. well i love that bag in the Free People photo! i assume that is also FP? i'm on the lookout for a cool canvass looking messenger. :)

  2. Their bags are wonderful but $248 and up seems to be the going price. I'll keep my eyes open for similar cheapster. :)


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